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Top iPad Productivity Apps of 2022


so today’s topic, we’re diving into the top 10 iPad productivity applications for 2022; now this article is perfect if you’re someone that’s new to iPad or maybe even looking to be more productive on iPad or you’re going to college or university in the near future, and you’re looking for some applications to keep you organized and focused on the work ahead, so these applications have been handpicked by myself, and I think you’ll love them all

number 1: one password

one password is a password manager, and I never used to use a password manager, but I got this downloaded a couple of years ago, and now I’m starting to use it to save passwords, and it’s definitely taking a load off my mind trying to remember long-winded passwords this application works really well in particular on mac and ios devices so you won’t be missing short on the iPad and it’s got some great security and helpful features for being able to create passwords

Number 2: agenda notes

This is a date focused note-taking application that has grown in popularity over the last few years because it allows you to take a note and connect it with a calendar event that you may have now. If people really love the fact that it’s got markdown and there’s a premium that unlocks a range of things like templates, but it’s a great little hub for being able to orientate your notes around dates and times that you are suitable, for example, meetings planning trips and date associated events

Number 3: scanbot

or should I say swift scan now scanbot, now called swiftscan, is a way for snapping a document in perfect quality and being able to send it on; you can turn it into a pdf, or you can convert it and send it to other devices so for example through an airdrop, and also you can send it to other services like Evernote notion and other applications, and it’s going in popularity as a way for doing that and being able to save it in detail

Number 4: notability

Now notability is a great pencil based application. It works brilliantly with an apple pencil as a way to sketch things and go into a bit more detail with some of your revision notes; a lot of people like this because they’ve got a range of colour options and also some great apple pencil abilities they allow you to change things like the nib and really go into a great level of detail there are some great examples of advanced notability notes that people have taken across their day for studying revising and exams and it’s really very amazing to see

Number 5: craft

Now craft is a note-taking application at heart; it allows you to create notes in markdown, and the great thing is on the ios devices, they’ve built a brilliantly native application which means that if you’re an Apple user, you’ll love this even though they do have a web version now craft looks great and allows you to collaborate with others in real-time if you want to and a lot of people are using it to take notes in a more professional manner.

number 6: otter notes

this isn’t a note-taking application, but it is a way to be able to capture um meetings and other such things that you may want to maybe transcribe across your day; for example, if you are in a zoo meeting, you can connect up otta and be able to get a full transcription of what everyone said during the meeting so that you can refer back to it in your notes for later now otta’s accuracy when it comes to being able to uh organize and be able to capture everything that’s being said is fantastic, and a lot of people are enjoying it for that exact reason

Number 7: bear notes

Now again, another note-taking application that’s gorgeously built for the iPad does have a great way to organize your notes in hashtags, and it’s much more of a traditional note-taking application. You can add images and also utilize some of the great abilities in markdown to make such simple and beautiful notes.

Number 8: fantastical

this is an application that’s where it’s 39.99 per year for premium, but they do have a little bit of a free plan, but fantastic r3 is probably one of the best-built calendar applications on the market it allows you to connect up with apps like todolist and it’s super easy to use, and you can even connect it to things like weather so you can get the weather as

Number 9: Things 3

you go across your workday; number nine is things three; this is a 1999 application, but it allows you to take from some fantastic notes organize your projects and areas alike, and a lot of people find this to-do list application one of the most minimal and gorgeous on the market it’s perfect for coordinating what you want to do ahead in your day, and if you’ve got a little bit of a budget on the iPad of 20 for a note-taking application that’s a one-off fee you’ll really enjoy using this to-do list application

Number 10: day one

Now day one is a journaling application; it allows you to capture images, create galleries and also take notes from your day as a journal entry, and it works on pretty much all devices. I’ve actually got a friend called robin who has been writing his day one for like five-plus years, and uh, he says it’s a really brilliant application for being able to coordinate at that side of stuff as you can imagine has all the regular sort of locking features with touch id and things like that so those were 10 iPad applications.

I hope you enjoyed today’s article, and I really hope you enjoyed today’s feature; feel free to share some of your favourite iPad applications in the comment section below and thank you very much for you.

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