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Top 10 Best Free Apps for Android of 2022

Hello Everyone, welcome to the apkmodgame website. So new month means new apps to try out on your phone, and today we will show you the ten best new android apps you should check out this month.


Spectra is a utility app that shows you all of your device information in one place. So here we have the device page, and here you can see the brand, model and other info. On the next page, we have the info about the android version, then you have the SOC and memory information, and here we can see the 8 cores of the oneplus 8. After that, you have the sensors and network information. There is also a battery page for which you need to install the app electron, which is also free and here you have the information about the battery health, charging and discharging info and a lot more. I find both these apps very helpful, and with this, I can gather a lot of information about my phone and its hardware. So if you like this app, check the download link in the last article.


Gauthmath, as the name suggests, is an app for students to help you out with your maths problems. It’s easy to use and scan the maths problem for which you want the help, and that’s it; you have the answer from the app. The best part is that apart from that gauthmath bot answer, you have the answer from the real tutors in this app, and you can see if it’s matching with the bot answer. And see the relevant steps. I think this will be a fantastic app for students who are looking to get some help with maths problems. You can also collect tickets with a daily check-in which you can use to get your custom problem solved by different tutors available in the app. There are some negative reviews about the app, which was mainly because of its server, and the app was working slowly, but now it’s working perfectly. Overall, if you are a student, we highly recommend you check out this app.

Tracker Detect

Tracker Detect is an official app from Apple that will help you detect Airtags or other trackers compatible with Apple’s Find my network. So basically, this app was launched after a few incidents where airtags were being used to track people. There were reports of AirTags being attached to a car and so on. With this app, you can scan the tracker around you, or if you think someone is using an AirTag or another device to track your location, you can scan and try to find out. For the demonstration purpose, here we have our AirTag, and you can see it in the app. You can connect to the tracker and make a sound to find its exact location, but you can only do it if it’s with you for more than 10 minutes. I feel that the app is perfect though an auto-scan feature would be beneficial. But overall an excellent initiative by apple.


Homebyme is an app that will inspire you to furnish and decorate your home in 3D. In this app, you can not only just create new projects but also see the projects from other users around the world. You can see the objects they have used and add them to your favourite list and use them in your project. The app will be very helpful if you are planning to change the style of your room or get a new house. Usually, getting a layout done by professional costs a lot, but this free app will let you do that right from your phone. And to be honest, it will give you some idea of how you can furnish or decorate your house.


CAPod is a companion app for Airpods for android. So if you happen to have an Apple AirPods and using them with your android phone, then it’s difficult to see the battery level for each earbud and other info. But with this app, you can see the battery level, charging status, ear detection, and other things. This is a free app that will be very helpful for AirPods users. I have been using this app with my AirPods, and believe me; I find it very useful. Apart from the AirPods, the app supports beats audio devices. So if you are using AirPods with Android, I highly recommend you check out this app.


With Papertag, you can bring your notes to life, and with this, you can save files and photos and open a link from the paper tag. So basically, you can create a paper tag and then this code can be connected with any digital media on your phone. This could be a photo, video or even a youtube video. Now you can write this tag in your notes on paper, and wherever you want to give reference to a particular digital media, you can write the hashtag in your notes. And now, when you scan it, it will open the media for you. So basically, it works like a bookmark. And I think it’s going to be very useful for students. Overall with papertag, you can change the way you take notes, so do check it out!


With NoteIt, you can share notes between partners and friends. As this app allows you to synchronize your notes in real-time with your partner. So once you install it on your phone, you can connect the application with your partner through a code, and now you can draw and write anything and share it immediately with your partner. Your partner can reply to you, send you a new note, and save it in the gallery. So for couples, this is a very useful app that allows you to have a new kind of relationship goals. So if you are looking for an app like this, then definitely check it out!


Now the Reminder app is not like any traditional reminder you have on your phone, but this app offers a lot of good features. So in the app, first of all, you can set a one time alarm from the home screen. Now at the bottom, you have the different options such as repeating, and from here, you can choose the days or select the alternate day option. Then you have the timer, which sets the timer for you, and now the best part is the templates. And here, you can create alarm templates for yourself, and in this, you can name your alarm, choose days and times, and whenever you want to turn it on, just tap on the template and set the alarm. You can also set a fast alarm and choose the preset minutes from here. Overall, Reminder is a simple yet handy app, so check it out!

the Lux Icon Pack

Lux Icon pack is a free icon pack which offers dark icons with a combination of saturated colours, which in my opinion, goes very well with a dark theme setup. In the free version, there are over 600 icons which look pretty good, and also you can search the icon from the top here. There are also a few wallpapers which you can try with your setup. The icons are well designed, and each icon is designed in order to create a perfect and unique experience, and this will enhance the overall look and feel of your phone. You can see that I am using the same icon pack on my phone, and honestly, I find them pretty good. You can also request an icon which is missing in the pack. Overall, keeping in mind that it’s a free icon pack, you are getting the good design and creative icons.


Priorities app is the most effective to-do list app we have come across in the last few days. In the app, you can choose to focus on 3 to 5 most impactful tasks that will help you to reach your goal and then execute them. The best part is the daily review, and whenever you open the app the next day, you can see the tasks which you have completed. Now you can create new tasks for the current day and also see the backlog tasks which were not completed the previous day. And with this, you can achieve your targets easily. And believe me, if you continue using this app, you will become more productive and can efficiently do your tasks and track your progress. So that’s it, guys; these are the 10 best new android apps we have for you for this month. Let us know if you like them, and also tell us your favorite new app of the month in the comments section below. So that’s all for now. If you like this article, then please share it whit your friends and watch more content on our website. See you next time.

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