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The Classic Angry Birds returns to Google play and App store

Finnish developer Rovio has announced that it will bring the original Angry Birds back to app stores, including the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with a new engine and no in-app purchases. The “Angry Birds” series of mobile games has accumulated more than 4 billion downloads in the ten years since its birth in 2009 and has been setting a record as the “the quickest mobile game in the international to attain a hundred million downloads .”Multiple versions are popular among users.

The childhood game “Angry Birds” in my memory is back!

Rovio stated that to adapt to multiple mobiles and systems and convey to gamers an extra lasting experience; The game has been completely rebuilt using the Unity engine. Rovio ensures that the new edition keeps all elements of the traditional layout of the original game.
Rovio Classics: Angry Birds | Out now!
At the same time, Rovio also said that the re-launched edition will no longer have any marketing and purchase in-app and could consist of the initial version as DLC enhancements. Executive producer Sami Ronkainen said that in rebuilding the game, they took great care to retain the feel of the original game. They know that fans are discerning people who can pick out even the most minor differences. So it’s important to match both the gameplay and the look to the original. It is understood that the new version of “Angry Birds” is based on the version launched on the App Store in 2012, after which the game stopped development. It wasn’t until 2019 that Rovio pulled the first edition of the game from the App Store, mainly because it was no longer compatible with new devices. This is the first article I posted, Thanks for visiting apkmodgame.net and if you want to read more articles Browse the Home page.

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