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PS5: New feature makes games even prettier

The PS5 got a new feature. With VRR, your games will look even smoother - if you have the right TV. San Mateo, California – It's been almost a...
Top 7 Things About The Steam Deck You Might Not Know

Top 7 Things About The Steam Deck You Might Not Know!

Hello everyone, Wellcome to apkmodgame.net, there is a lot to like about the Steam Deck, and everyone likes different things about it. There are something on the Steam Deck that are obvious...

Splatoon 3: Release Date in September

Splatoon 3: Release in September – Nintendo finally reveals the date Splatoon is getting its third spin-off later this year. AfterG a long time, Nintendo has finally announced the September release date.

Breaking: SONY plans to place ads in free games and PS5 Pro is coming

PS5 Pro is coming? It is rumoured that SONY is secretly delivering PS5 Pro/Slim prototypes to developers! Although it is facing a shortage of supply,...
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The Classic Angry Birds returns to Google play and App store

Finnish developer Rovio has announced that it will bring the original Angry Birds back to app stores, including the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with a...