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Breaking: SONY plans to place ads in free games and PS5 Pro is coming

PS5 Pro is coming? It is rumoured that SONY is secretly delivering PS5 Pro/Slim prototypes to developers! Although it is facing a shortage of supply, it has been more than a year since the PS5 was released. In addition to the PS5, more and more people are now talking about the half-generation updated PS5 Pro. According to the latest news, SONY has been found to have delivered thousands of prototypes to game developers in the past few months, and there are more and more clues about the PS5 Pro. According to sources quoted by the Tweaktown website, SONY has shipped thousands of development kits to developers in the United States in the past few months, most of which come from South Korea and Japan. In addition, other import and export lists show that SONY exported a batch of video game console prototypes from the UK to the US in November last year. This move also aroused everyone’s speculation. If it is a PS5 game console, the range of imports is likewise a chunk small, and it is not going to have an outline of the prototype, so some people speculate that this is the new Sony PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim prototypes. But everything has yet to be officially verified.

Are ads everywhere? SONY also plans to place ads in free games: to motivate developers to continue making free games!

Following Microsoft, SONY also plans to place ads in free gamesAccording to foreign media sources, SONY’s move aims to incentivize developers to continue making free games by providing a way to make money. At present, SONY has not yet decided whether to charge a share of advertising revenue and collect partner fees for consumer behaviour data in PlayStation games. It is reported that SONY is testing a software project that allows game developers to create in-game advertisements and is expected to announce this plan later this year. The purpose of SONY ads is to make them look like part of a game, such as digital billboards in stadiums, sources said. Formats may include ads that reward players for viewing ads and promotions for in-game items such as skins. In addition to SONY, Microsoft also plans to place advertising in Xbox free games, but Microsoft will not take a share of advertising revenue.

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