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How to get better at FPS games



These are geared for amateur gamers, so you won’t get plenty out of these if you’re a veteran. However, it in no way hurts to comb up at the fundamentals. With that said, let’s get into it.

Tip Number 1: do not panic and play at your pace.

How often have you had a friend come over, pick up the controller for the first time, get into an engagement, and their accuracy goes out the window. It’s pretty common for new players when they get overwhelmed to lose track of their accuracy. Whether on the mouse or controller, you can see them start flailing about when pressure is applied.

It’s okay, and it’s pretty common with new players; even experienced players can have their accuracy drop if the pressure being applied to them is great enough. The important thing to remember here is not to panic and play at your speed. Often new players will try and play a lot faster than what they’re capable of; they wanna have that excellent tracking accuracy, they want to shoot to aim immediately, and often just don’t have the experience to do.

So the old locution slow is smooth, smooth is fast is super important here. directly practice will lead to speed, but if you’re continually trying to play faster than what you’re capable of, your accuracy and decision-making will fall apart when pressured. Experience comes from exercising the right choice of decisions even when you may not win the engagement. New players frequently don’t have the delicacy necessary to outplay stagers.

even so, they shouldn’t try and play so rapidly that they’re no longer indeed hitting introductory shots. So remind yourself, to stay focused, make a choice indeed if it’s not the right choice, and follow through with it. You don’t wan na horrify, you don’t wan na flail, and you wan na just try and stay quiet while taking a decision.

Tip Number 2: stop sprinting into engagements and around corners

Pretty much all modern shooters these days have a sprint mechanic, there are a few arena shooters that don’t, but you wanna be very cautious any time games have animations That isn’t permitting you to have your gun up, prepared to fire; it is a downside to apply it at the incorrect time.

Running around corners is something you notice all of the time with new FPS players. You feel faster when running and want to return to the other side of the map or backtrack into an engagement as quickly as possible, but be very careful of this because a gun down is a missed opportunity.

If you rush into an engagement during the sprint, you have additional animation frames during yours gun is getting out of the animation for sprinting and into the ready-to-fire state. Oftentimes you’ll see new players doing the sprint spam, where every time they move, they’re making sure that they’re sprinting out of it. This can create chances, even if there are 10 frame windows, where you can’t shoot, it can be the variation among winning and losing engagements.

For gamers who don’t have dash mechanics, simply be privy to what animations or moves block up your capacity to shoot on the enemy again; a gun down is a missed opportunity. Utilize sprinting with a very intentional set of choices, whether trying to get to a specific point or objective on the map, rotating for a flank, and don’t just sprint to sprint. be sure there is a clear reason for doing this.

TIP Number 3: positioning is key.

Often new players in respawn-based shooters will return to the place of their last death repeatedly. You experienced FPS players know this all too well because it’s easy to clean up players who are continually trying to get revenge. Stop returning to the place where you last were taken down, and if you’re about to interact in this spot, a minimum of approach it from a special flank or a different angle.

It may be very tempting to hurry right back to that spot due to the fact you understand that there is action there. Still, skilled gamers are going to are expecting this, most likely going to realize the direction you are coming from if they have a basic knowledge of spawns and continue to take you outside, don’t give enemy that free opportunity, use all areas of the map and be unpredictable.

brilliant positioning can overcome poor accuracy, so a many times, new players will be disappointed, saying, “my precision is not good to take down opponents right now” IIf you’ve placed correctly, you can overcome poor accuracy if you’re in the right place at the right time. This means making smart flanking decisions and not always engaging an opponent in a way they’re expecting. You see a really strong battle royale players utilizing this all the time. They will flank very well and engage enemies that don’t know where they are being attacked from again and again.

Tip Number 4: do not charge at enemies in an immediate line.

It can be very useful to try and close the gap while battling, and amateurs tend to do this by reason if you’re closer to your opponent, usually, it’s a little bit easier to land your shots. But whilst you push directly at a competitor in a gunfight, the opponent would not even move their crosshairs, this is why strafing is thus key.

Ensuring that you’re moving left and right in a random pattern causes the opponent to maneuver their center of attention and guess where you’re going to go. It additionally forces them to have powerful tracking and snap-to accuracy. If you just push at opponents in a straight line, and this often happens in shooters with a melee mechanic, like “Resistance 3”, the enemy has the clear set of shots on you possible since they don’t even have to focus to shoot you.


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Tip Number 5: keep your crosshairs at head and chest height.

and probably the most important one, Don’t aim at the ground; that is a dependency that I regularly see with new players, in which their crosshairs are aimed toward the floor. I consider this happens due to the fact maybe they assume they get a higher line of sight and might see less difficult if the gun version is out of the way; however, This gives you extra time to be able to just snap to the target.

You wanna hold your crosshairs aimed at which you observed the opponent would be, and any time spent transferring the crosshairs from the ground to the goal is going to be an A downside for you; not only that, it is gonna create greater conditions wherein you need to snap to the target in preference to already being aiming where you predict they’re going for you, not only that, it’s gonna create more cases where you require to snap to the objectif instead of already being aiming where you think they are going to show. A good style to catch this habit is to register your gameplay and look it back.

This is a piece of advice that all FPS shooters should be doing; on a computer device you have nice free recording options, and pretty much most modern consoles now give you a chance to Livestream or record your gameplay in some way. Recording your gameplay and watching it back with a very strategic eye will help you improve rapidly. observe the battles where you die and distinguish what went wrong.

Frequently you can see YouTubers and streamers improving very quickly at new titles because they’re regularly getting the chance to watch back their gameplay to see their mistakes and identify how they can fix them.

So there are 5 things to help you ameliorate at any FPS video game, don’t scare, beware with sprinting, positioning is clef, don’t attack at enemies in a direct line, and remember to keep your crosshairs aimed where you suppose the opponent will be, not at the floor.

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