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how to become a professional gamer (2022)


Choosing the right game, training consistently (but not too much) and finding the right motivations: are some of the indications given by professional gamers to those who want to become part of that world. Let’s find out some of the most useful tips together.

If for decades the dream of children has been to become a professional footballer (or astronaut, according to taste), in recent years, a new opportunity has appeared for children: that of becoming Pro Gamers. Becoming champions with video games and monetizing this passion is a utopia only up to a certain point, given the growing number of professionals: however, imagining that this path is easy to follow is a mistake that should not be made in any way quite the contrary.

There is a need for training, investments and dedication; finding a balance and maturity that is not easy given the context and the lifestyle required. How then? We have “stolen” some advice here and there around the web, choosing for you some general guidelines to follow (and on which many seem to agree). Do you want to become a Pro Gamer? Take a pen and paper and write down these tips.

How to become a pro gamer: choosing the game that suits you best and in which you think you can excel

Find your game, following one of the two paths that are most often indicated: choosing an emerging game or an already established title. The advantage of choosing an established game such as eSport is that infrastructure and resources are already capable of supporting professional gaming. As Intel points out, long-standing esports titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) boast large and dedicated pools of gamers and, as a result, sponsored tournaments with lucrative prizes.

The downside is that newcomers find it more difficult to establish themselves in already well-established scenarios. When a game is in its infancy, gamers instead have the opportunity to be the first to explore every internal and external aspect, favouring the unpredictability and the birth of different styles of play. The founding players of games like Rocket League2, for example, found themselves at the center of the esports scene.

That said, there is also a risk that one game will fail to take off competitively, thus forcing you to switch to another. Our advice is to try some of them and choose the one you like best. Remember that you will have to play with it a lot, but not too much, as we will see in the next indication.

Training and continuous competition with others (as in any area of life)

Once you have chosen a game that you like, that you are passionate about, that you enjoy and that you want to excel at, you have to start practicing consistently. Here there are different schools of thought: on the one hand, those who play two hours a day (can you believe it?), On the other hand, those who spend four in front of the screen and others can even reach periods in which they play for six hours. The point on which everyone agrees, however, is that excess is useless; it has no value to do endless marathons (fun at times, but very little training).

In fact, we tend to think that pro players are nerds who p

lay video games from morning to night and instead, no, that is one of the most common mistakes made. A classic pro player is a smart person, often in great physical shape, who plays fair. By “right”, we mean that the attention threshold is fundamental; when that falls, it is useless to insist too much.

So whatever your age, it is important to alternate games with other disciplines and even motor activities. Since most of those who want to become pro players are young people in general in the 14-30 age group, it is important to understand that you need to carry on your studies and your work, but not only. You need to have time for family, love and friendships,

However, training remains a very important phase. Following the tutorials offered by both the video game of your interest and by the experts in the sector is the best way to raise your level. The recommended steps are these. First, you train in offline mode against the computer when you see that the ability to beat the “car” is high, at which point you can think of playing online and challenging real people.

Although all pro players say that the real challenge is live, so in the physical presence between two, perhaps in an arena, it is also true that before becoming one, they trained for hours online. In fact, online it is possible to play not only with people who do unpredictable things that artificial intelligence cannot simulate but above all, there is the possibility of understanding what level has been reached.

How to evolve into a pro gamer: become “famous” and contact the right people.

A fundamental step then is the one illustrated by eSports Italia, what to strive for when the level rises and the ability to “win” is no longer enough – but you have to go hunting for attention. Twitch and the social world, in general, is the gateway that everyone can think of access, but if you want to do things right, you ask yourself: who can you contact? There are three possibilities: professional teams (clubs), teams and agents/agencies.

Some teams are small and are nothing more than a gathering of players who have come together perhaps to carry out tournaments: participating can be a way to create aggregation, share emotions and try to dream, but you risk remaining bound for life To an unambitious environment. In general, then in those contexts, no salary is received.

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