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eFootball 2022 Version 1.0.0: What’s New


Konami Digital Entertainment announced on the 14th that it had updated the latest home-use soccer game, “eFootball 2022”, and started distributing version 1.0.0, available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and STEAM.

EFootball 2022 version 1.0.0, free of charge for essential play, greatly improves the urgency of competing for the ball between players, which is often seen in the actual soccer scene, and the fun of bargaining with unique team tactics. New operations have also been added to enable these, allowing you to experience more deeply the theory-based decisions and tactical bargaining of soccer.

as well, a new mode called “The Season” has been added to this edition of the game. A theme that reflects soccer trends is set for each season for a certain period, and various in-game contents are prepared. The topic of Season 1 is New Gameplay and squad Building & Team licenses”.

In addition, a new mode called Dream Team will open In efootball 2022, where you can enjoy creating your team, and You can acquire your favourite players and managers, train and strengthen them according to your playing style, create your ideal team, and enjoy playing against players from all over the world. after the startup period in 1 week, several events based on the motif of Season 1 are scheduled to start beginning on April 21st.

And it is equipped with the licenses of “Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League” and “Meiji Yasuda Life J2 League” that have been requested many times. At the same time, the licenses of the North American Professional Soccer League, MLS AND USL Championship are also installed, This allows gamers to play with more options.


Dribble: Overtake, Chop Touch

Thanks to eFootball 2022 version 1.0.0, Many improvements have been made to the in-game representation. The behavior of all the base players has been reconstructed, including the animation system. Regarding the ball’s trajectory, we conducted joint research with Professor Takeshi Asai of the University of Tsukuba Physical Education for two years from 2020. We analyze the ball’s behavior on the pitch and clarify the factors that influence it. Based on the research results, a more realistic trajectory is reproduced in this work.

Due to this improvement, the player’s behaviour with human inertia and the realistic ball behaviour that considers rotation, repulsion, and friction creates the “pause” that is often seen in soccer. It leads to exhilaration when you dodge the opponent by dribbling or breaking through the final line with pass work.

Team bargaining is also a more critical factor. Individual player behaviour and team play have enabled the bargaining that is practiced in modern soccer. By reconstructing the bases of individuals and teams, scenes that “look closely” occur everywhere in real-life games. We have discovered a soccer game in which “soccer-like” judgments at the moment make a distinction between winning and failure.

Impact path

In terms of operability, one of the most significant innovations in this update is the “impact kick”, which allows for faster and more accurate ballistic kicks than usual. “Impact kick” is possible for all types of passes such as grounder pass, fly pass and cross. More free pass work becomes possible, creating a feeling of comfort to get the desired pass and a sense of accomplishment that destroys the opponent as imagined.

Impact shoot: Non-rotating shoot from the drop of combination play
Volley or head

The speed and accuracy of the shoot were also reviewed. Added a new feature, “Impact Shoot”, that is quicker and more precise than a standard shoot and can be hit with several directions, In addition, a player who possesses shooting skills (non-rotating shot, drop shot, rising shot) can hit an impact shot with a unique trajectory.

Combination play: Pass & Cross Run + Layoff Pass

The new process “Pass & Cross Run” authorizes a combination of “diagonal movements” predominately seen in real-life soccer. In the middle of the pitch, on the side, a new attack pattern is born.

Shoulder tackle

The operation method of defence has also changed. In this version, you can now intuitively steal the ball. In addition, the behaviour of the players has been improved to improve the convincing feeling of the defensive bargaining. In addition, we added the element of the entire team’s defence. We made various adjustments to achieve the best results by making appropriate decisions based on soccer theory.

Defence: Matchup + Block
Defence: Team Press + Shoulder Charge

There are three main defence operation methods. The press is an operation that actively steals the ball. Move toward the ball, and when it reaches the ball, make a standing tackle. Dribbler who shakes to the right and left can be dealt with by “matchup”, where you sit down and face each other in small steps. You can quickly regain the ball from the opponent who has run out of space by pushing the opponent to the side while keeping the body orientation to protect the goal.

The third is team press. Put pressure on the ball holder, block the pass course and push the lineup. This is a new operation method for the entire team to steal the ball.

In the new mode “Dream Team”, you can use in-game items such as GP that you can get while enjoying the game to nominate and acquire your favorite players and managers to create your dream team. The obtained players can be trained and strengthened in consonance with their playing style. follow your perfect team with the players and create a “team of your dreams”.

The Dream Team will hold different events for each “season,” a new element added to this update. Each season, a theme that reflects the trend of soccer is set, and various events such as a challenge event for interpersonal battles and a tour event for AI battles are held accordingly. By acquiring players and forming teams that match the season’s theme, you can proceed with the event more advantageously. Various events are scheduled to be held from the 21st of this month.

The eFootball League, scheduled to be held from April 21st, is a division-based interpersonal league where you can compete with your dream team. Phase 1 will be saved for 28 days, during which time we aim to be promoted to the highest possible division. If the points reach the promotion line by the end of 10 games, they will be enabled, and if they do not get the required points, they will be demoted. When you reach the highest rank, Division 1, the rankings will be aggregated, and the battle for promotion will change to the competition for ranking.

When the phase ends, rewards can be earned according to the division reached, the ranking is reset, and a new step is started. In the dream team, players and managers can be nominated and acquired and obtained from all standard players and managers using GPs that can be obtained by advancing the game.

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