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Best 10 New Android & IOS Games for 2022


Hello, Everyone; welcome to our website apkmodgame.net. So after a long time, we are back with one more top games video, and today we will show you some newly launched games that you should check out on your android and ios device. Let’s begin with today’s article, and as usual, we will show you the games in random order.


The Puzzle Adventure.

Puzzle Adventure: Mystery Clue” is a new mystery-solving adventure game. It’s full of unique puzzles and logic riddles. There are hidden magical artifacts, treasures, and crystals, and you can explore the supernatural, a world full of monsters, beasts, and other hidden enchanted objects. In this game, you become a detective, investigate stories, and solve cases connected to unique characters. The graphics are basic, but I like the animation and sound effects. The game is addictive, and the storyline is also pretty interesting. The controls are also simple: tap on the place where you want to move your player and then solve the puzzles to move forward in the game. Overall, Puzzle Adventure is a beautiful and unique puzzle game we have come across this month, so do check it out!


Rovio Classics: Angry Birds

  We all know the angry birds game. But what’s new is that Not riddled with commercials and additional purchases, only amazing gameplay whit nominal price, and also you will get immediately all worlds and the Mighty Eagle. It doesn’t have as many worlds as the previous free version, but it almost seems like a choice to show that this is “classic”. I would want to play the other worlds, but you can’t complain about $1. I’d much rather play this version anyway, to not get my experience interrupted by forced ads and watching ads for powerups.

This is a super remade of the classic Angry Birds, and from what I can tell, there also are a pair of recent tweaks or even new sound influences influence taken instantly from the vintage toys (inclusive of the plushies and the Mattel playsets). I might rate it five stars, however, this still desires work.


T3 Arena.

  T3 Arena is a new 3 vs. 3 shooting game. You can team up with your friends or players worldwide and jump into the Arena anytime, anywhere. The game offers powerful characters, and each has its personality. In terms of the graphics and gameplay, I find them pretty good, and the gameplay is also pretty interesting. This game offers an auto-firing option, and you need to aim and use special abilities to defeat the other player. The team that scores 20 points wins the game. The best thing about this game is the graphics, and the details you see in the game are console level. Overall if you are looking for a new player vs. player shooting game, then do check out this game.


The Craft Of Survival.

  The craft of survival is a free 2 play game where you need to survive in a wild realm full of dangers. In this new RPG game, you fight against wild zombies and enter a world full of heroes and adventures. The graphics are excellent, and the gameplay and controls are easy to understand. And the best part is the sound effects and the background music. So basically, it’s a survival game where you need to fight with monsters and zombies and then level up and come up with your unique strategy. The gameplay is very addictive, and you can play this game for hours. I should mention here that it’s easier than the other games in this genre. Apart from that, you can upgrade your weapons and armor in the game and compete with other players. Overall we find this new survival game very good and worth a try. So do check it out!


Rally One.

  As the name suggests, Rally one is a new rally racing game. In this game, you compete with real rivals from around the world. You drift, take the most challenging corners, and use the turbo to beat your enemies. And when you win the game, you get surprise gifts, including poster cards and car parts. Apart from that, you also need to repair and upgrade your car from time to time. The graphics of this game are again perfect, and I find the controls pretty easy. You can play this game any time to pass your time. This game comes with three different modes: drift trial mode and time trial mode. And lastly, I can say that the game is very well optimized, and with over 26 rally cars, we find this game pretty fun to play.


Guns Up.

  Guns Up is a new mobile PVP strategy game with a twist. You need to build an army and send your troops into the battle in this game. You need to give them orders and back them up with your choice of deployments, from tanks to airstrikes. This multiplayer PVP game offers exciting gameplay, and in the game, you need to bring your best soldiers and create your battle strategies. The graphics are essential, but the sound effects and the background music give you a good gaming experience. Overall, Guns up is a wonderful Player vs. player game, and guys, this is my favorite game of this month mainly due to its addictive gameplay. So if you also like these kinds of games, then do check out Guns Up.


Hitman Sniper.

  The Shadows So as the name suggests, is a sniper game, and in this game, you take assignments and eliminate targets with stealth and creativity. In this game, you engage in fierce competition and build your reputation in the International contract agency. The graphics of this game are lovely, and gameplay-wise this game is fun to play. The controls are also simple, and you have the zoom on the left and the shoot button on the right side. Apart from that, you have the stealth mode, which allows you to see your target, And there is also a multi-kill mode by which you can kill more than one target with one single shot. Overall the Hitman Sniper is a good sniping game, and I like the graphics and controls of this game.


Furry Fury.

  Furry fury is a new smash and roll game. In this game, you have cute little beasts fighting, rolling, and smashing each other. This game is like a pool game, but instead of the balls, you have the beasts. There are two modes in the game; the first is 1vs 1, where you need to fight with your opponent and kill each other by hitting it directly, and also you pick up health and different special abilities. Then we have the 2vs2 multiplayer modes, and here you play in a fast-paced turn-based match. The graphics are good, and the gameplay is unique yet very addictive. Overall with a unique concept and amazing graphics, we think furry fury is a good time pass game, so do give it a try.


So that’s it, guys. These were the ten best new games we have found for you for your android and ios devices. Let us know if you like them, and also tell us your favorite new game of the month in the comments section below. So that’s all for now.

Chronicle of Infinity.

This game is about an attack by the obsidian army, and you are the alliance guardian who was summoned by the astral alliance and came to Astrapolis. The game is a role-playing action game as well. The graphics-wise, it looks very similar to the Kenshin impact. In terms of the gameplay, it’s easy to understand. Combat-wise, it’s easy at the initial stages, but it does get hard as you progress in the game, and you need to upgrade your weapons. There is also an autoplay mode which, to be honest, I don’t recommend as the graphics, and the gameplay is wonderful, and using the autoplay mode kills all the excitement. One thing I would like to say again is that the game is beautifully designed and the animations are very good. And in short, it’s a wonderful game, so if you like RPG games, then do give this game a try.


Mini Basketball.

Mini basketball is a new basketball game from Miniclip. In this game, you experience basketball like never before, and it’s fresh and, most importantly, easy to play. So basically, you will have casual gameplay while still experiencing the same basketball excitement. And unlike other basketball games where you need to spend time learning the physics and controls, this game from Miniclip is simple yet very interesting. In the game, you also need to build your team and upgrade your players to compete with other teams. You might feel the game is too easy at the beginning but believe me; it does get hard as you progress in the game. SO guys, if you are looking for a casual basketball game that you can play anytime, anywhere, then mini basketball is a fun game to play this month.


The Impossible Game 2

So after a very long time, the impossible game is back, and here we have the impossible game. In this game, you have all-new levels featuring awesome music and crazy new mechanics like guns and portals. You just tap to jump, fly and shoot your way through four worlds, each offering a unique theme and interesting gameplay. There is also an online battle royale game where you compete with 60 other players, but to be honest, it was hard to find other players online. Nonetheless, the single-player mode is fun, and you might get frustrated at the beginning as you will die many times completing the stage, but guys, this will make you come back and force you to complete the level. Overall Impossible game 2 is a good time pass game and for sure very addictive.

So that’s it, guys. These were the ten best new games we have found for you for your android and ios devices. Let us know if you like them, and also tell us your favorite new game of the month in the comments section below. So that’s all for now.

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